About Us

This is the 28th edition of the HelpBook, a directory of community services specifically for Niagara County. First published in 1981, this is our first electronic version.

The Mental Health Association in Niagara County is proud to be the official information and referral source for all of Niagara County. Through our partnership with the Niagara County Department of Mental Health, our referral services are available anytime of the day or night by phone, through our printed directories and resource guides, and through our website at www.mhanc.com. Our phone referral system, known as the Help Line, is staffed 24/7, so there is always someone standing by to help you with the information in our many directories.

One Help Line number serves all of Niagara County: 716-433-5432.

Since our founding in 1964, we have offered a variety of programs and support services for all members of the community. You can learn more about MHA in Niagara County by visiting our website, dropping by our office, or giving us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Good Health to You,

Cheryl Blacklock

Executive Director

The Mental Health Association in Niagara County, Inc. is funded by the New York State Office of Mental Health, the Niagara County Department of Mental Health, the United Way of Greater Niagara, the United Way of the Tonawandas, grants, memberships and voluntary contributions.